“Can I still earn a badge by the way?”: Challenges and badges in an online course

Session Description

This paper reports a graduate-level course design case in which a digital badging system was integrated into class activities. The design process involved both conceptual and technological tasks with a careful consideration of badge types and corresponding challenges, platform functionality, and tracking learners’ badge related activities. The badging system was implemented in an online course. The results indicated that students were more motivated to earn challenge and easter egg (hidden) badges compared to level and mega challenge badges. Issues such as the role of badge system design on student motivation and overall course design were discussed.



Ömer Arslan
Florida State University

Ömer Arslan is a doctoral candidate in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies program at Florida State University. He is interested in online course design and facilitation, particularly how instructors design and facilitate course activities in online classrooms. Currently, he engages in activities that contribute to his personal and professional development including but not limited with teaching and researching. He may be contacted at oa18h@my.fsu.edu.

Vanessa Dennen
Florida State University

Vanessa Dennen is a Professor of Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies at Florida State University. Her research is situated in both formal and informal learning environments and focuses on identity development, knowledge management, and knowledge brokering within online networks and communities of practice. Vanessa currently serves as Editor in Chief of The Internet and Higher Education. She may be contacted at vdennen@admin.fsu.edu.

Ji Yae Bong
Concordia University

Dr. Ji Yae Bong is an assistant professor of Educational Technology at Concordia University, Canada. She also serves as a chair of 2022 Canadian Network for Innovation in Education conference. Her research focuses on open and online learning community and instructional design practice.


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